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Reclaim YourSex Life and Control with Intensity

Better, More Satisfying Sex! When the muscles and tissue that help support the bladder (your pelvic floor muscles) become weak, sex can lose a great deal of its appeal. Use it or lose it! Intensity does your Kegels for you! Reclaim your Sex Life and enjoyment with Intensity.

Better Bladder Control! Laughing with your legs crossed? You are not alone. One in three women suffers from bladder leakage when laughing, coughing or exercising. It could be stress urinary incontinence which occurs when the muscles and tissue that help support the bladder become weak. When Apex does your Kegels for you, female incontinence will be a thing of the past!

There are several reasons why these muscles can lose strength:

  • Vaginal childbirth
  • High impact exercise
  • Multiple pregnancies

Are you performing your Kegels correctly?
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For your health

Bladder leakage is not normal and will get worse over time if left untreated. Apex stops bladder leakage in the privacy of your own home. Worried about leaking? Put those days behind you!

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For your intimacy

Created to enhance your sexual experience, Intensity is the only product available that uses muscle stimulation to exercise your pelvic floor. Stronger muscles…. Better SEX!

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